DNS Caching the Web Designer’s Worst Nightmare

I switched the DNS for my website and now it is not showing up… 

When going live with a new website and you have to switch DNS records bad things can happen.  Your client expects the new website to appear instantly.  Well this is just not true.

Most domain registrars will say that a DNS change like changing the host names, or name servers, or A records may take up to 1 to 3 days (72 hours) to take full effect.  What this means is internet providers will cache or store a local copy of the IP address that is associated with a domain name or sub domain.  When you change these records, all of the different internet providers like Comcast, Verizon, Sprint, Frontier, CenturyLink, etc.  Each one of these will have a locally stored copy of what IP address your domain name points to or is an alias of.

Several days have passed and I am or m y client is still not seeing the correct website server.  Are they still seeing the old site, or are there 404s!?  I know that the DNS changes should be resolved by now.  OH NOOOO!!!! Now you start panicking.  Here are some useful tools to see if your DNS changes have taken place.

 Check your DNS setting for your domain name; make sure you set it up correctly:

 Now check how it is being viewed around the world:

 If this doesn’t help, because it is set up correctly….

 How to clear your DNS cache from your local computer:

There are several different methods often clearing browser data, or restarting the computer will also clear the DNS cache.  But here are some other methods that may work:

 Still not working?

You have tried clearing your DNS cache on your computer and still it is not showing the correct website?  Check the website on different internet providers like on your phone or your neighbors computer.  Most likely if the DNS changes were made properly you are caching the DNS on your local computer.

Local Firewalls can also store DNS information.  You may need to have your client flush the cache of their firewall as well.  Prey this doesn’t happen to you…

This is the web designer’s worst nightmare because trying to clear the cache of your client’s computer(s), can be very troublesome and painful. Let me know your stories…