Explaining SEO to a 6 year old

When working with people with less than a full understanding of SEO it can sometimes get frustrating. No matter how you explain something, it seems that the understanding is lost. It’s time to dumb it down a bit.

One famous quote from Albert Einstein was:

“If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.”

Here is my attempt to explain Search Engine Optimization at a level where a 6 year old could understand:

explaining-seo-to-6-year-oldMe: Today I am going to teach you what SEO means. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

6 year old: Huh?

Me: First let’s go over what a search engine is. A search engine is a place where you can go on the internet to help you find the answer to a question. Some of the best search engines are Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

6 year old: So if I wanted to find a “Popsicle,” I can ask Google?

Me: Correct.

6 year old: But I already know that a “Popsicle” is in the freezer. Does Google know where I keep my Popsicles?

Me: If you asked Google, “Where is my Popsicle?” Google only know what is on the internet, web pages, photos, how to find a store, and where you can buy a Popsicle.

6 year old: So Google can’t find my Popsicle because it is not on the internet?

Me: Correct. That brings us to the next part of Search Engine Optimization. Optimization simply means to make it work the best. Search Engine Optimization is making a website work the best for Search Engines.

6 year old: How do I make my Popsicle website work the best?

Me: Google is like judges at a talent show contest. Google puts the winner of the contest at the top; meaning the best websites are at the top. If you want your Popsicle website to be at the top of Google you have to follow the rules and be the most popular.

6 year old: I want to win the contest. What are the rules and how do I get popular?

Me: Google gives you a list of rules (guidelines) on their website (it is long and can be confusing). To summarize the rules in one sentence I would say: “Be honest; don’t lie”.

In order to be the most popular you need to get “links” from other websites. These links are like a vote for your website. The more votes you have usually the better chance you have to win the contest.

6 year old: I can be honest, but how do I get the “links”?

Me: Google says that if you have good stuff on your website than people will tell their friends. Sometimes friends and other people who like your website will add a “link” or vote to your website.

6 year old: So if I am honest and put cool stuff on my website, people will “link” to me and I can win the contest.

Me: You got it. You are a fast learner…

6 year old: Your weird, I’m going to have my Popsicle now. Bye.

I know this doesn’t explain every detail, but it sums it up. You you feel like you are SEO illiterate, I can explain it to you. Let me be your SEO expert.  Want to learn how I can get you to the top of search results in just 3 months?  Contact me.