Finding the Best Website Design Company

You can search in Google for a website designer, but just because they show up first in Google, doesn’t mean that they are the best. I would recommend using a portfolio website like Sortfolio. Here you can see a large number of website design companies and also see some of their example work.

Try finding a local website designer

I would recommend that you use a local website designer. For Example if you live in Seattle, use a website designer in the Seattle area. Why? It is always great to have a face to face meeting with your designer so that they will have a total understanding of how you want your website to look and feel. At Sortfolio, you can also filter to a local city level (ex.

Don’t just pick the first candidate

Why not contact multiple website design companies and estimates of how much the design will cost. Once you see the price tag, now it is time to consider other factors that will make the website successful.

Find a designer who knows SEO and websites intimately

Don’t just use a website designer because their designs look cool. If a website design is not practical it may be very difficult to optimize the website for search engines. Remember the goal of a website is not to just look cool, but also to function in either sending a message to the intended audience, or to generate leads for your company.

Background Check

Look for the website design company’s LinkedIn profile, and ask for references.

Use a simple Content Management System (CMS)

If you are planning to update your website frequently and don’t necessarily want to pay a web designer or developer to update the site every time. Using a CMS is a great solution. I would recommend using WordPress, it is free and has tons of documentation online.

Read the fine print

When signing for a web design or web development project, read the contract. Make sure there is nothing in the contract that can hurt you. Take the time to know what the restrictions are, what they guarantee, and what they don’t.

Intellectual property and ownership

After you decide to go with a website design company, make sure before you sign anything that you are given ownership of the website, so that you can update or modify the website in the future and not necessarily be tied down to the original designer.

Domain name ownership

If you are purchasing a new domain name for your new website, make sure the domain name is in your name and not the designing company’s.

It can be a daunting process finding the right website designer for you, but it is well worth the effort. Every business really needs a website, and your website is your face to the world.