Why hire a Seattle web development company?

I decided to discuss, “Why someone would want to hire a local Seattle area web development company?” I have come up with a few key points why.

Meet in Person

Having a local web developer means you can meet face to face. Meeting someone face to face can not only give you a chance to size up the person, but also gives you the ability to have an interactive discussion with give and take.  This allows for a greater understanding of your desired outcome.

I know that there is video conference and phone calls that can be done with someone that is not local, but not being in the same room can often lead to confusion of goals and desired outcomes.


Knowing that the web developer is local in Seattle means that there is no language barrier. Even with a web development agency on the east coast, there is different nomenclature, different slang, and different audiences.

Understanding of Local Markets

By knowing the local markets or knowing the Seattle region and its people, gives a connection and a shared view of both local culture and the local economy. For example, trying to sell a house in London is a completely different process than it is in Seattle. Knowing the local Seattle area and culture gives an upper hand to the developer and will lead to less back and forth, but instead a streamlined less stressful and time saving project.

Search Engine Optimization

Making sure the text of your website or application, especially on your key landing pages, reflects the terms potential visitors will likely search for to find you. By having knowledge of the key local markets there can be added customization and less instruction from the client.

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