Why hire an SEO company

If you are looking to maximize your businesses results in Google, or in any other search engine, you must first understand search engine optimization (SEO).  There are several strategies and ways to help your websites performance in Google.  However, it is always best to stay ahead of the curve and not use obsolete strategies.  Google is constantly changing it’s algorithm, meaning if your website is stale in it’s SEO it will mostly likely drop off the map.

For example, in SEO you once were able to “stuff” keywords across your site and receive high search rankings; Google’s Panda and Penguin updates changed that.

Keywords and phrases, however, are still very important. Google is simply trying to understand more than just keywords. Slowly, the search engine is beginning to understand whole subject or the purpose of a page.  There by de-emphasizing keywords/phrases and putting more emphasis on high-quality content.

These changes are designed to return the best possible results to the end user.  Just because you have the best keywords, doesn’t mean you have the best content, Google is much more sophisticated than that.

The Bottom line: Produce good content for your audience and your website will reap the SEO benefits.

How can a website be optimized for search?

  1. Responsive Design: How does your website perform on mobile devices? Mobile devices are now often over 40% of website traffic.
  2. Content Marketing: Google has recently emphasized newer content. This means if you website has become stale; you need to add content often to keep the web crawler coming back for more.
  3. High Quality Content: This point is so important that it bears repeating. Do notput spammy, keyword-filled content on your website. Google penalizes and can even remove a website from its index. If you don’t show up in Google, your business might as well not even exist.
  4. Social Media: Search is not the only way to receive visitors to your website. Social media is a huge way to get these visitors coming to your website.  If your content is too spammy, then it will not get shared.
  5. Back Links: Is your company listed in all of the reputable directories like Yelp, Bing, and Google Places? This is a great place to start when trying to get your website on the SEO map.

Does this seem a little too much for you to handle?  Hire a professional.  Rise of the Web has been helping companies like yours rise to the top of search results.

Rise of the Web is a local Seattle area SEO company.  If you are looking to hire an SEO company near Seattle, this is a great place to start.  Ask us and get a free evaluation of your website’s SEO.