iMacro Development

Are you interested in automating site scraping, website setup or configuration, filling out forms, or just about any online task?

 Automate the Internet

There are many times when you have to do repetitive tasks online.  You don’t have to loose your mind; many repetitive tasks can be automated.  This can be done using iMacro a macro recording / programming solution.

iMacro is a browser plugin / add-on that you can record actions in your web browser.  Once the activity is recorded, you can just press play and have the activity repeat itself.  Most of the time however, tasks are not that simple and require some intelligent programming to do more complex tasks.

If you are looking for a developer in the Seattle area who can take your task and create a script so you will never have to do the task again.

Some things that can break an iMacro.  Most of the time if an iMacro stops working, it is because of:

  •  The website’s core structure was changed.  Meaning the pages have been redesigned or the code of the page has changed.
  •  The server is slow or unresponsive.  The iMacro scripts are often time sensitive.  If the webpage uses heavy AJAX or JavaScript calls, sometimes these calls can be slow and break an iMacro automated script.

Rise of the Web has experienced web developer that has extensive experience automating repetitive tasks.  If this sounds like something you need, contact our web development company based in the Seattle area.