Launch of New Social Platform “Who’d Win”

What began as an idea with no time to pursue it, the COVID-19 pandemic gave Daniel Chase, the creator of Who’d Win, time to build his idea into a reality. Originally launched in June 2020, Who’d Win is a social media platform where anyone can post matches and decide who would win.

Users can debate topics ranging from “What type of house siding is best?” to “Ant-man vs. the coronavirus.” With such a wide range of topics, it is nearly limitless.

What makes Who’d Win Unique?

Today, there are many social media platforms to spend your time on, so why would you want to try using Who’d Win.  Simple, it puts together rivalries and gives people the chance to debate and support their given side. Who’d Win’s unique commenting system puts its users on a side based on who they choose as the winner.

There is no login with Who’d Win. Worrying about passwords and personal information being breached is a non-issue with its login-free system.

Choose your interests, and we will only show what you want and nothing else.

Creating a Match

Everyone is welcome to create a match; no login is required. When creating a match, you have the option to upload zero or one or two images to help illustrate the match. The image upload allows you to crop and rotate your image. You can also choose colors that represent each side of the match.

If you want to discuss a match-up with only people you choose, you can do that as well with the private match creation option, which hides the match from all users except for those whom you share the link with.

Heard enough? I invite you to visit and try it out for yourself. Enjoy!