Make my website mobile friendly in Seattle

A new service I am offering now is making a responsive mobile friendly website for anyone. No matter what your website’s platform, I can make it mobile friendly and responsive.

Why the big push for mobile friendly websites?

More and more people surfing the internet on mobile devices. Websites can average between 25% – 40% of their website visitors are using either smartphones like iPhone or tablets like iPad. More and more people every day are choosing to browse the internet on their mobile devices instead of on the traditional desktop computer. You definitely want to give this large portion of your website’s visitors a good user experience.

It’s not all about the user experience; now it is also a ranking factor in Google search. Google is penalizing websites in search results delivered to mobile devices that do not offer mobile friendly websites. Don’t have a mobile friendly website? Your traffic from organic Google search will be greatly reduced.

Is your website mobile friendly? Take Google’s Mobile Friendly Test

Keep your current website and design and make it mobile friendly.

You don’t need to redesign your website or pay for a new content management system. You don’t need to change your website’s theme, or have an adaptive version of your website. No, what you need is for a front end web developer, such as myself, who know the ins and outs of responsive web design. I can keep your current website (or create a new one for you if you would like) without changing virtually anything on the desktop design and give you a mobile phone and tablet version of your website. How do I do this? It is simple (for an experienced professional front-end web developer), all you have to do is use responsive CSS code, delivering alternate versions of the website’s style to different sized window and screen sized devices.

Being a local Seattle area web designer and developer means if you want, we could meet in person. If you live in the Seattle area and are looking to make your website mobile friendly and mobile responsive, contact me.

Real Life Example of a new mobile friendly website

Here is an example customer, Morning Star School (see thier website their website is on the ExpressionEngine CMS platform. Their current website did not offer a mobile friendly version. It doesn’t matter what CMS, or if you even have a CMS, I can make your website mobile responsive.

Mobile Freindly Website Example

For around $300 to $400 I can take your existing website and make it mobile friendly. Ask me for a quote for making your current website mobile friendly. My usual turn around time for this is around 2 weeks.