New Service – 50 local SEO Article Spins

Looking to expand your local business or global business website? Do you not show up in all of the local searches for you products or services that you are not physically in? Of course you don’t, that is why you need to have a page created for each location you want to show up in searches. If Google can’t see it on your website, Google won’t assume that you should show up in out of area searches.

Comparing this method to Paid Adverting on Google

The articles’ cost is under $5 per article. Depending on your industry on average just one click in PPC costs ranging from $0.75 to $6.00. If each article just gets one click from organic SEO, they pay for themselves. Over the years I have seen this method pay for itself 10 fold. Save your company money and earn more money. This is the ultimate solution for local search engine optimization.

What is done and what is created

I start with a list of locations and one or more unique article. I will spin 1 article for each of the locations provided. I then morph spin the article(s) together with alternate paragraphs, H1, H2, H3 tags, and word synonyms. The output is 100% proofread readable and almost 100% unique. Humming bird and Panda won’t know what hit them.

The final product

  • Professionally keyword optimized pages
  • 50 unique content articles (one for each location provided)
  • Pre-coded HTML articles (p, H1, H2, and H3 tags, links, etc.)
  • Unique titles for each article
  • Unique slugs (URL / File names) for each article

Will provide examples upon request.
I can not guarantee 100% article uniqueness because a spinner by nature is randomized.

Does this sound like something your website needs? I bet it does, get a free quote.