Daniel Chase


Owner of Rise of the Web. Daniel Chase has been a professional web guru since 2006.  Daniel has worked in all areas of web design, web development, and web marketing.  His past jobs included web developer, web designer, WordPress Manger, and SEO Senior Strategist.  Through the years he has seen and handled just about all imaginable aspects of web marketing, technical server maintenance, and coding.

Web Designer and Developer Freelancer

I have seen a great shift in web design since 2006.  One of the biggest shifts was making websites as SEO friendly as possible.  Other shifts in web design techniques included: conversion optimization, responsive website design, and call to action research.  In 2006 it seems no one really knew what they were doing as far as designing goes.  Over the years there as been a dramatic shift towards research and studies to optimize all aspects of web design.  Every aspect of web design now seems more methodical.  Knowing that methodical web design can be constraining on creativity, I have managed to balance user experience optimization and SEO with visually stunning web designs.

SEO Strategist, Consultant, & Freelancer

My most recent job was at the Paramo Group at web services company who’s main clientele is automotive dealerships.  There my job titles included: Content Motive Product Manager and Senior SEO Strategist.  I managed a team of developers, designers, and content marketers.  Some of the products I managed included: blogs, content marketing, custom web design, and on page search optimizations.  At Paramo Group I managed over 2,000 WordPress websites.

Knowing the automotive dealer industry means, I know local SEO.  Over the years I have mastered the ins and outs of local business SEO, from Google Places, to Long-tailed keywords, to social media, to content marketing.

Google Certified

I am certified in Google Adwords as well as Google Analytics.  Check my Google Certifications here.  With my knowledge and experience with Google AdWords, I can increase your website’s profits, visits, and conversion rates.  With my knowledge and expertise in Google Analytics, I can track all the key metrics in your website to ensure the best possible ROI.

Keeping Up With SEO Changes

This is where daddy works

This is where my daddy works… My children know when I am in the office I am at work.

Since I have started web development professionally in 2006 I have put a high emphasis on having all of my code being as search engine friendly as possible.  Since 2006 there has been several major changes to Google’s search engine algorithm,  Keeping up with these changes is my passion because if your website does not show in search engines, it might as well not even exist.

Personal Note

I live happily in Bothell, WA, USA with my two young children and my beautiful wife Michelle. We are Lutheran Christians. Honesty is my policy. I am not a big business with a lot of employees, I am Rise of the Web, this is my sole income and I take pride in everything I do. I am not a salesman; I am a designer, developer, and marketing expert. I won’t tell you something to make you feel warm and cozy, I will tell you the important facts.

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