Why build your next app on the web

Most people might fear that having their app on the web instead of on a native device (ex. iPhone or Android) will diminish the user experience, and it is simple not as cool. Web interfaces have come a long way since the start of the web. Today web applications can be built for a fraction of the cost as a native device application. With the web becoming more and more standardizes means the user experience from one device to the other will not diminish. With the rise of HTML5 and advanced JavaScript, the web app will eventually over take the native app, simply because of cross the board compatibility.

Downloading Apps

Native device apps are easy to find and install; the devices are designed to get you to their app store. The Apple App Store, Google Play, etc. are great places to browse for and download apps.

An uphill battle for web based apps is the app store competition. Apple, Google and even Microsoft must be particularly content with the great control and influence they have controlled distribution for their platforms via app stores and marketplaces. As web apps pick up steam and begin to threaten mobile apps, it’s likely that they will push back against anything that devalues their native app stores. Luckily for consumers, there’s probably not a whole lot anyone can do to stop the impending march of web apps. Robust web browsers being baked into the OS aren’t going anywhere. Does your app need to be in a store, is it for internal purposes? Then you won’t have to worry about this.

App Development

With web apps, there’s no need for developers to create software for a specific platform. Instead, apps created for users on the most popular platforms will also work for users on the least popular platforms, assuming that platform has a good web browser.

Build Time and Cost

A typical native app takes longer to build than an equivalent web app. As more developers become educated in the coding and technologies used to create native apps, overall app development costs will fall.

But one thing that likely won’t change in the world of native apps is that building for multiple platforms and devices is very expensive. Adding iPad, iPad mini, etc, compatibility when building an iPhone app can add up to 50% to the development costs of a project, not to mention Android and Blackberry.


If you are looking to have time and money, and want an app that works across all devices, the choice is clear: Web Apps. Are you looking for a web app to be developed? Ask us for a free quote. Rise of the Web is a web development company located near Seattle, WA. Do you have a project and you are in the Seattle area? We will come to you anywhere in the great Seattle area.