Why use a freelance web designer?

When choosing a company or a freelancer to do your next web project there are many factors to consider. A lot of the time a freelancer can do your web project just as well and maybe even better than a large agency. I have come up with 5 key reasons why you might want to use a freelance web designer or SEO consultant over a full blown agency.

Eliminate the middle man

Large agencies have large over head costs. Digital marketing agencies have to pay for an office, management, human resources, pay roll, the sales person who sold the project, etc. When using a freelance web professional you will cut out all of this overhead and will work directly with the web designer, developer, and marketing expert.


When using a large web design or marketing agency, you don’t always know who the designers and developers are. Going strait to the source with a freelancer you will know who you are working with and can expect to get the same great results every time when working with that freelancer.

Better Experience and Transparency

When using a freelancer you will get a great experience, cutting out the middle man will lead to less confusion and better results. Talking directly with the web designer and developer you will know exactly what is possible and what you will be getting. When using a SEO agency you don’t know if the person helping your business is a professional or someone right out of college.


Large web design and SEO agencies have procedures and don’t like to go outside the lines or think outside of the box. When working with a freelancer you will be able to dictate the project’s specifications more closely. Freelancers don’t always work from 9-5 so you will get extra support outside business hours.

Cost Savings

Because you cut out the middle man and you are running the project more efficiently, you will be saving a lot of money. Freelance web designers and SEO experts are a lot more affordable than working with a large agency.

If you didn’t notice, I am a freelance web designer, developer, and SEO professional serving Seattle Washington, Bothell, Bellevue, Everett, and all of the Puget Sound areas. Are you ready to save money and get great results on your next website project? Rise of the Web’s owner Daniel Chase has been in the web design and development profession since 2006 and wants to help you on your next project. What are you waiting for?